19 July 2010

Apple Annie's 2010

Figured about a day was good to leave the birth story at the top of the page so if you're curious and hadn't read how Silas entered the world then scroll on down! After you read about our trip to Apple Annie's of course. Our last time to go before we move. *sniffle*

We picked lots of peaches then went on to the vegetables part of the orchard where Chris taught the kids how to pick okra. (Sorry for the redness, under a red tent and I'm still very much learning how to use my camera. As if you couldn't tell.)

Silas learned how to then went searching for the perfect one to pick. He couldn't figure it out at first but kept trying. 

And that's his best friend that he's kinda sad to leave when we move providing moral support for picking okra all by himself! 


(Again, red tent)
But I just had to throw in that I'm learning a lot from boys. Boys just aren't like girls. For a boy you toss a few legos in your purse or a hot wheels car and it'll keep them entertained for hours while you wait anywhere for anything. It's a little more difficult to fit Karis' dollhouse in my purse though, but even if it did fit, when we get where we have to wait and pull it out we'd discover we forgot Barbie's bath bubbles at home so EVERYTHING IS RUINED NOW ANYWAY! The boy's heads are covering up the little girl's castle her parents brought for her. 

When we got back from Apple Annie's I started asking Silas about what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and what sounded good for breakfast and dinner. 

His answers? 
Boy- 'I want a chocolate cake.'
Me- 'Ok, what kind of chocolate cake? Texas sheet cake, layered cake, what kind of frosting?'
Boy- 'Just a cooked cake, mom. That's chocolate. And for dinner I'd like that chicken with the mushrooms and green beans and carrots, please.' 

No joking. I didn't make up a single word of that, that truly was our exact conversation. 
I only left out the part where I hugged him and kissed him all over because he really is the best.

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