18 July 2010

Something I'll never forget

My boy's fifth birthday is today. Somehow I have never put his birth story on the blog and I plan on correcting that today. Just so you're forewarned. There will be no gore, this is the family version.

It's a Sunday morning and I'm miserable pregnant. I now have cankles, can only really fit into one dress, and have just over a week until we are due. Chris and I get up, eat breakfast, get Karis ready to go and head off to church. We come back from church, eat lunch, take a nap. After nap time we lounge around and rest and play with Karis.

At bedtime we read Karis' bedtime stories and Bible stories and tuck her in. Since she was our only child at the time bedtime wasn't early, around 9:00-ish. I didn't learn about schedules until Silas came around.

I go to bed but never fell asleep. Which is pretty typical for me in the last trimester (and many, many other pregnant women I hear!). So I toss and turn and after a bit I started having contractions. I knew Chris had to go to work the next day so I waited a few minutes before waking him up, but at midnight I'd been having strong contractions for about 15 minutes and they were getting hard quick so I woke Chris. He was wide awake and timing contractions and after just a few minutes told me it was time to call the midwives and go to the midwifery. I didn't like the sound of that because I had only been having contractions around 20 minutes and labor lasts FOREVER! Plus, if we weren't ready to deliver she'd send us back home. End of story, we're waiting to go to the midwifery but sure, go ahead and call her if that makes you feel better. Chris had fortunately gone through all the birthing classes with me and recognized a few signs that told him how quickly labor was progressing where I was completely in denial because I was convinced labor always takes a long time.

Chris walks downstairs to grab the phone and for some reason I follow him. Hungry, ready to chew him out some more for his outrageous ideas, take your pick.

I waddle through the hallway then down a few steps and on the landing of our stairs had a huge contraction. It was then that I realized just how fast this kid was coming. We have a bathroom at the bottom of the stairs and Chris asks me if I can get down to the bathroom and hopefully, carefully get in the bathtub before he comes. And it just wasn't going to happen. Two steps down and I'm trying not to deliver him on the stairs but Chris puts the phone on his shoulder and catches Silas with both hands while I'm standing up. Yes, you read that right.

I lay down, Chris hands me Silas and runs to grab a towel and the midwife gave us two options: we could get in the car and drive to the midwifery or call the ambulance to take us to the hospital. Unprepared as we were we called the ambulance. Did I mention we live in a town mostly made up of retirees?

We learned our lesson and with the first appointment when we found out we were pregnant with Caedis, Chris' first question was 'What do we have to do to not do THAT all over again?' I don't blame him one bit. 

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